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Workshop Phase 4

May 26, 2017

MIAM (ITU), Istanbul

Photographs courtesy of Argun Cakir

ERC Beyond East and West Workshops Phase 4, May 2017, MIAM, Istanbul


These workshops featured in the conference “Creating Music Across Cultures in the 21st Century”

26 May, Friday (OPEN WORKSHOPS in the İlhan Usmanbaş Hall, MIAM)

14:00-15:00                 Open workshops with Hezarfen Ensemble – Segâh and Kürdilihicazkâr makams led by                                               Nermin Kaygusuz (four-string kemençe), Bülent Özbek (ney), and Esra Berkman (kanun)

15:00-15:30                 Open workshops with Hezarfen Ensemble – Rhythm – led by Ulrich Mertin

15:30-16:00                 Open rehearsal



This event is made possible by funding from the European Research Council (ERC).

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