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Workshop Phase 2

Nov 2-4, 2016

MIAM (ITU), Istanbul

Photographs courtesy of Amanda Bayley

ERC Beyond East and West Workshops Phase 2, Nov 2016, MIAM, Istanbul

Day 1 - 2 Nov, Wednesday (MAKAM INTENSIVE)


10:00-10:30                 Review of Uşşak and Hicaz makam – led by Michael Ellison

11:00-13:00                 Müstear and Karcigar makams  – led by Nermin Kaygusuz (four-string kemençe)


14:15 14:45                 Saba makam  – led by Esra Berkman (kanun)

14:45-15:30                 Modulating Saba makam  – led by Bülent Ozbek (ney)

16:00-17:00                 Reading of Yiğit Özatalay’s work in progress led by Michael Ellison

17:00-18:00                 Microtonal practicing techniques (the European approach) – led by Ulrich Mertin

Day 2 - 3 Nov, Thursday (RHYTHM and READING)

10:00-10:45                 Rhythm and Reading exercises  – led by Amy Salsgiver

11:00-11:45                 Rhythm and Reading exercises  – led by Esra Berkman

12:00-12:45                 Rhythm and Reading exercises  – led by Ulrich Mertin


14:30-16:30                 Score reading with Onur Türkmen

17:00-18:00                 Session on timbre  – led by Robert Reigle

Day 3 - 4 Nov, Friday (ANATOLIAN FOLK MUSIC)

10:00-11:15                 Tuning in Anatolian folk music  – led by Erdem Şimşek (bağlama)

11:30-12:30                 Bağlama patterns and ornaments – led by Erdem Şimşek (bağlama)

14:00-14:45                 Ornamentation in Anatolian vocal singing – led by Ayşegül Aral Altıok (voice)


15:00-17:00                 MIAM composers session

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