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Creating Music Across Cultures in the 21st Century

May 25-27, 2017

MIAM (ITU), Istanbul

***This conference is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Şefika Şehvar Beşiroğlu.

Conference Programme


May 24, Wednesday


19:30                       Hezarfen Ensemble - Opening concert (İlhan Usmanbaş Hall)


May 25, Thursday


09:30                       Registration (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


Day 1 Session A: Chair: Martin Greve (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)

10:00                       Shabnam Goli – Dancing to the “hotline bling” in old bazaars of Tehran [PAPER] [SLIDES]

10:30                       Audrey Wozniak – Orientalism, regionalism, cosmopolitanism: Musical manifestations of                                            cultural hybridity [PAPER]

11:00                       Edward Campbell – Made in France but celebrating the world

Coffee break (11:30-12:00)

Day 1 Session B: Chair: Jeremy Woodruff (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


12:00                       Gertrud Maria Huber – Cross-cultural encounters: Brazil’s urban music tradition choro in                                            compositions for Alpine zither by Heitor Avena de Castro

12:30                       Nikos Ordoulidis – Cosmopolitan music by cosmopolitan musicians: The case of the rebetiko                                    leading figure Spyros Peristeris [PAPER]

Lunch break (13:00-14:30)

Day 1 Session C: Chair: Michael Ellison (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)

14:30                       Yelda Özgen Öztürk and Neva Özgen – Nomaden: A work travels through musics of the world

15:00                       Hesen Kanjo and Matthias Mainz – Differentiation, perception, enclosure and transfer in                                            improvisation


Coffee break (15:30-15:50)

15:50                       Performance by Hesen Kanjo (kanun) and Matthias Mainz (electronics) (Cevad Memduh Altar                                    Hall)

16:30                       Panel 1: Transcultural performance today (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri). Chair: Münir Nurettin Beken

                                          Participants: Amanda Bayley, Ulrich Mertin, Neva Özgen, Serkan Şener, Erdem Şimşek


19:45                       Erdem Şimşek: Concert of traditional bağlama music, also including Kırklar Semahı by Salih                                      Kartal (İlhan Usmanbaş Hall)


May 26, Friday


Day 2 Session A: Chair: Robert Reigle (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


10:30                       Andile Khumalo – How do we think, hear, or view African music in the modern world?

11:00                       Christian Ferlaino – Bagpipes as a resource for contemporary music

Coffee break (11:30-12:00)

12:00                       Shanti Suki Osman – The exotic bird in the corner: Self Exotification as empowerment with                                        women artists of colour

Lunch break (13:00-14:00)

14:00                       Open workshops with Hezarfen Ensemble – Segâh and Kürdilihicazkâr makams led by Nermin                                  Kaygusuz, Bülent Özbek, and Esra Berkman (İlhan Usmanbaş Hall)

15:00                       Open workshops with Hezarfen Ensemble – Rhythm (İlhan Usmanbaş Hall)

15:30                       Open rehearsal (İlhan Usmanbaş Hall)


Coffee break (16:00-16:30)

16:30                       Panel 2: Cross-disciplinary currents (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri). Chair: Robert Reigle.

                                 Participants: Michael Ellison, Andile Khumalo, Matthias Mainz, Onur Türkmen, Jeremy                                                Woodruff

18:00                       Keynote address – Münir Nurrettin Beken (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)

May 27, Saturday

Day 3 Session A: Chair: Amanda Bayley (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)

11:00                       Elise G.M. Gayraud – “The Ethno Movement”: Grass-root international music exchanges                                              creating contemporary cross-cultural traditions

11:30                       Jorge Salgado Correia, Helena Marinho, and Sara Carvalho – Crossing cultures,                                                              intertextualities


Coffee break (12:00-12:30)


12:30                       Panel 3: Cross-cultural ethnographies in the 21st century  (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri) Chair: Amanda                                  Bayley. Participants: Münir Nurettin Beken, Elise Gayraud, Martin Greve, Robert Reigle

Final dinner (17:30-19:00) (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri Restaurant)

Photographs courtesy of Argun Cakir
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