The initiative Transtraditional Istanbul (TTI) will choose two composers currently residing in Turkey or holding Turkish citizenship to compose either:

1. A work for Erdem Şimşek Trio (bağlama, sipsi/kaval, kemane) of 5-10’ duration. 


2. A work for Barış İçin Müzik Vakfı (Music for Peace Foundation) Choir plus Şimşek Trio, of 6-8’ duration 

Works will be chosen by an international jury, and selections will be gender balanced; with 1 commissioned female composer and 1 commissioned male composer. Composers may be of any age. The Barış İçin Müzik Vakfı piece will be developed in tandem with the choir (ages 15-25), based on the genres gurbet havası or boğaz havası from the Teke region, with a text relating to how to create a better Istanbul/world.


The two selected composers chosen will have until Jan. 31, 2021 to complete their works. Additionally, they will be expected to work with the performers in at least one workshop, in Istanbul, during the development of the piece. Both works will be performed in June 2021 at MIAM (Istanbul Technical University, Maçka Campus, Istanbul) at an international Conference on Transtraditional music. Two works will also be recorded. 



Any composer of any age currently residing in Turkey or holding Turkish citizenship may apply

The composer should have experience using makam instruments or Turkish folk Instruments, or both; and show this in at least one of the submissions


Submissions should contain 

  1. Full name, email and telephone number.

  2. Copy of photo ID card or passport including address, gender.

  3. A one-paragraph statement of which medium the composer would wish to compose for, how they would approach the project, and why (The statement may be submitted either in Turkish or English). 

  4. 1-2 representative scores [required] in PDF format.

At least one score (which must be thoroughly professional) should include Turkish (folk or makam) instruments or voices.

  1. A recording of same work or works, submitted via a Wetransfer link. The link address should be included at the bottom of the composer’s one-paragraph statement.


The 1-2 submitted pieces should last no more than 15 minutes in total. (Excerpts from longer works ok)

All of the above (and the recording link) should be sent as attachments in one email, to:


Deadline for application submission: September 30, 2020


Jury will decide and composers announced by October 21, 2020 on the TTI network website (tba)